PINTA MIAMI 2018 – Colección INELCOM Arte Contemporáneo (España)

Vicente Quilis is the President and founder of INELCOM, as well as the Colección INELCOM Arte Contemporáneo – a project currently continued by Javier Quilis, the CEO of the corporation, and curator of both the Colección INELCOM Arte Contemporáneo and the exhibition at PINTA Miami 2018. Their link and commitment with art goes beyond the Collection itself.  Vicente Quilis is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Reina Sofía Museum Foundation and Javier Quilis is a member of the Advisory Council of the ARCO Foundation and the IACCCAVincent Todolí has ​​been the art advisor of the collection since 2011. In addition, INELCOM has a great team, from engineers to assemblers and the management team, which allow us to advance day by day in the adventure that the Colección INELCOM Arte Contemporáneo entails. 



INELCOM is a Spanish technological company where turnkey solutions are designed for electronic equipment and systems, covering the entire life cycle of the product: from the design, manufacture, installation, and maintenance, to the operation of equipment and systems. These capacities are mainly applied to four lines of business: telecommunications, security, energy efficiency and the environment, although it also applies to other fields such as production, maintenance and artistic collaboration. Present in 7 countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, USA, Spain and Peru, with more than 1,500 professionals. 


The Colección INELCOM Arte Contemporáneo is a reflection of the company, of what it does and its values, its capabilities and what it represents. Currently featuring 218 works, which incompass painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, film, video and installation, created by 79 artists, among whom are Rosa Barba, Johanna Calle, Andrea Canepa, Bruce Conner, Joan Jonas, Julião Sarmento, Antony McCall, Steve McQueen, Juan Muñoz, Ernesto Neto and Damián Ortega. The INELCOM Collection also has loaned art works to different institutions, such as the Fondazione Prada in Milan, the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sports of the Comunidad de Madrid, the Botín Foundation, Kunsthalle, CA2M, Kunstmuseum..., thus contributing to external exhibitions.


INELCOM stands out for its 38 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, developing transmission equipment, synchronization, reception, supervision, control and management among others. In terms of energy efficiency, the corporation stands out for its SMART products, SMART Cities and LED lighting.  Likewise, it works in advanced projects related to the rationalization and consumption of water in irrigation communities, in parks and gardens. The company also covers other sectors, such as security, access control, infrastructure supervision and provides outsourcing services. 


The Collection is based on four themes strongly linked with the company. The “Communication / Incommunication” concept was the building stone of the collection, linking the core business activity – telecommunications - with art.
The second theme “Energy” relates to another of INELCOM's current business lines, and energy efficiency. Thirdly, we have the “Memory”: the Collection is one of the two resources employed to foment culture, and promote the recovery and preservation of historical heritage, such as, the Monastery of Santa María Magdalena de la Aljama de Montsant (Xàtiva, Valencia, Spain). The last theme developed so far, is based on the place of “Natura”, with works that seek to open our eyes to the natural environment.  

Parallel to the creation of the Collection, an exhibition space that currently reaches almost four thousand square meters, was created in its headquarters in Madrid, and is open to the public though and by appointment. This space serves, in turn, as a laboratory for the products, where you can both get to know the Collection and the I&D Area, which collaborates with artists.

Currently, work is being done to integrate the company's activity with contemporary art. This integration is being carried out through the use of the new technologies, mentioned above, and applied to galleries, museums and private collectors, where the products and projects that INELCOM researches and innovates help the maintenance and conservation of the art works, and to improve visitor experience. An example of this is the LED lighting of the HangarBicocca in Milan, or the repair of the technological works by Jenny Holzer and Eugenio Ampudia. 

Furthermore, INELCOM has decided to go a step further, collaborating with the artists as technological partners, aware of the existing confluence between art and technology. In these collaborations the artist has an idea for a work, but requires support to carry it out, so INELCOM contributes its engineering, experience, knowledge and productive capacity - an example which can be seen with artist Carsten Höller. Some of these works become part of the Collection. 

In the words of Vicente Quilis, Founder and President of INELCOM and the Colección INELCOM Arte Contemporáneo, he has always believed that "if contemporary art has no limits, INELCOM, as a company, neither", a philosophy that both INELCOM and its collection have always shared. 


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