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PINTA MIAMI - Crossing Cultures is preparing for its 13th edition. Located in a new space and presenting to the global market as an Ibero-American art fair, this year will count with different projects exhibited by international curators. As it completes its 5th year at Mana Wynwood, the event expects more than 50.000 visitors during the 4th and 8th of December.

After more than a decade, PINTA MIAMI is one of the main references of Latin American Art for collectors, professionals, museums, and Institutions. The event establishes itself with an Ibero American focus, counting with the presence of Spain and Portugal. Both of them are presented at Pinta Countries Section along with Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, and Mexico. Curated by Roc Laseca, Alicia Ventura and Oscar Roldan, the galleries will present two different artists being both, or at least one of them, born after the 80’s. This section intends to allow visitors to discover new artists.


This year Roc Laseca curates the Pinta Platforms Section, an innovative program for galleries. To give visibility to artists of the modern and contemporary context, the gallery exhibits their artist uniquely with solo booths.


One of the big news of Pinta’s 13th edition is the Sculpture Garden Space. This new outdoor space is going to be dedicated to exhibit performances, video art, and installations curated by Ysabel Pinyol from Mana Contemporary. Continuing with last year´s project, Ad Astra II presents a vast scenario of known Ibero American artists.


Considered one of the best events during Miami Art Week, PINTA MIAMI – Crossing Cultures presents itself as an art event with refreshing programs and initiatives. Curated by an international team and established as an Ibero American art fair at the same time that emphasizes its global outreach.






Diego Costa Peuser

Diego Costa Peuser

Diego Costa Peuser is a cultural promoter specializing in Latin American art. He has played a leading role in this field through different initiatives focusing on culture production which have had a significant influence on the understanding and the promotion of Latin American art in the global market.

Costa Peuser is the Director of Arte al Día International magazine, founded in 1980 and currently considered a leading publication among the specialized media devoted to the coverage of Latin American art. In this capacity, he has contributed to the recognition of the movements that allowed the development of modern art in Latin America, as well as to the awareness of contemporary artistic practices on the American continent, covering the activities of established, mid-career and emerging artists.

As co-founder and current director of the influential art fair PINTA New York, created in 2007, which has since 2014 moved to Miami and is presented as PINTA Miami in December, he has promoted a shift in the gaze of the global epicenters of cultural activities, to the nature of and historical importance of artists from Latin America. Costa Peuser has contributed to open a window for re-readings of art history, working to transform the recognition of essential figures of modern Latin American creation, in some cases, helping to unveil fundamental works in the panorama of contemporary Latin American art. In addition to his contributions through the conception and production of an event such as PINTA, Costa Peuser is one of the founders of Buenos Aires Photo and Lima Photo, the fairs that bring each of these cities in contact with the great photographers who were the founders of the continent's Modernism. These fairs establish a dialogue between the work they showcase and the powerful artistic language of photography all over the world.

In 2010, Costa Peuser was distinguished as one of the 100 most influential Latinos in Florida. Since 2011, he has been a member of the Board of the Miami TECHO Foundation, and during the previous editions of Art Basel Miami Beach, he organized the event Art Techos, which convenes distinguished artists with the aim of raising funds for the construction of homes in poverty-stricken sectors in Latin America.

In 2012, he inaugurated the first edition of Perú Arte Contemporáneo (PArC), the first contemporary art fair in Lima. It constituted a turning point for Peru, linking its art to the art of other continents, and also creating an extremely interesting space for reflection on key issues related to the production and circulation of present-day art. The fair also supports artistic exchange through an outstanding artist residencies program.

Costa Peuser's work as a promoter and disseminator has been one of the factors leading to the growing attention of Latin American art in the second millennium, in which the gazes of the world have transcended the confinement of borders.