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Preparations are underway for Pinta Miami’s large-scale eleventh-anniversary edition to be held at the Mana Wynwood Convention Center in the heart of the Miami Art District from December 6 to December 10, 2017. This edition will celebrate the remarkable history of a fair that has left its mark on modern and contemporary art from Latin America. 

Since the time of its successful inaugural edition in New York in 2006, Pinta has become the most important event of its kind. Its founding was a watershed in the communication and perception of the breadth of art produced in the region in the 20th and 21st centuries. The fair has achieved one of its founding goals, mainly increasing the visibility of crucial figures in the United States. 

The pioneering modern artists to whom the fair has paid tribute by increasing recognition of their work include Julio Le Parc, José Gurvich, Jorge Eduardo Eielson, Lydia Okumura, Antonio Manuel, Waltercio Caldas, Iván Contreras Brunet, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Carmen Herrera, as well as Spanish artist Elena Asins, who passed away just one week after Pinta Miami 2015 featured her work in a curated solo projects section. At each new edition, the ranks of the artists featured—many of them present at the fair itself—expands to encompass emerging artist like Elías Crespín, Iván Navarro, Alexandre Arrechea, Darío Escobar, Matías Duville, Alejandro Londoño, Gonzalo Fuenmayor, José Luis Landet, Ricardo Alcaide, Emilio Chapela, and many others.  Thanks to the fair’s management strategies, a large number of works of Latin American art have been acquired by major museums. By way of example, the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMA) acquired work by Abraham Palatnik for its permanent collection; work by Elías Crespín was purchased by the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston and work by Fernando Bryce by the Museo de Arte Latinoamericano en Buenos Aires (Malba). 

Pinta Miami 2015 was a resounding success not only because of the number of attendants, the strength of the curated sections which included recreations of historic performances and works in an array of media by legendary artists as well as little-known, but dazzling, figures, but also because of the number of galleries from Latin America, Spain, and Portugal that participated. At the fair, those galleries were able to build relationships with international collectors and directors of major art institutions, and to make a great many sales. Figures like Rómulo Aguerre, Reynaldo Luza, Roberto Obregón, and Elena Asins sparked interest, as did artists born in the seventies or after, such as the Carla Arocha–Stéphane Schraenen artistic duo.   

Pinta Miami is directed by Diego Costa Peuser, CEO of the magazine Arte al Día Internacional, and manager of an international platform that also organizes PArC–Perú Arte Contemporáneo; BAphoto; and the Gallery Night events held in Buenos Aires and Punta del Este. Thanks to the support of Fundación Saludarte directed by collector Tanya Brillembourg and of EFG Bank, a Swiss bank that has had office in Miami for some twenty years, this 2016 tenth-anniversary edition promises to take the fair to new heights. 

The careful selection of galleries from every continent as well as the fair’s unprecedented proposals formulates a vast dialogue not only between artists from Latin America and the world, but also between different areas of the arts. Pinta Miami 2016 will be more international and more interdisciplinary than ever. José Antonio Navarrete, Roc Laseca, and Jesús Fuenmayor—the excellent curators of retrospective sections in the areas of photography, drawing, and solo projects for the 2015 edition—will  return this year. While it has not yet been released to the media, we would like to share with those closest to us news of an exciting performance planned for the 2016 edition, one made possible by the support and vision of Saludarte. The piece in question will bring together the art of Bill Viola and of virtuoso concert pianist Lang Lang. It is by no means an overstatement to say that this edition will take Pinta Miami and its participants to a new level while furthering its goals of gaining the international recognition due to the work of groundbreaking artists from the region and of discovering new talent. To form part of this unprecedented edition of Pinta Miami will mean to be present at a place and time key to the insertion of Latin American art on the world scene at a history-making event. 



Diego Costa Peuser

Diego Costa Peuser

Diego Costa Peuser is a cultural promoter specializing in Latin American art. He has played a leading role in this field through different initiatives focusing on culture production which have had a significant influence on the understanding and the promotion of Latin American art in the global market.

Costa Peuser is the Director of Arte al Día International magazine, founded in 1980 and currently considered a leading publication among the specialized media devoted to the coverage of Latin American art. In this capacity, he has contributed to the recognition of the movements that allowed the development of modern art in Latin America, as well as to the awareness of contemporary artistic practices on the American continent, covering the activities of established, mid-career and emerging artists.

As co-founder and current director of the influential art fair PINTA New York, created in 2007, which has since 2014 moved to Miami and is presented as PINTA Miami in December, he has promoted a shift in the gaze of the global epicenters of cultural activities, to the nature of and historical importance of artists from Latin America. Costa Peuser has contributed to open a window for re-readings of art history, working to transform the recognition of essential figures of modern Latin American creation, in some cases, helping to unveil fundamental works in the panorama of contemporary Latin American art. In addition to his contributions through the conception and production of an event such as PINTA, Costa Peuser is one of the founders of Buenos Aires Photo and Lima Photo, the fairs that bring each of these cities in contact with the great photographers who were the founders of the continent's Modernism. These fairs establish a dialogue between the work they showcase and the powerful artistic language of photography all over the world.

In 2010, Costa Peuser was distinguished as one of the 100 most influential Latinos in Florida. Since 2011, he has been a member of the Board of the Miami TECHO Foundation, and during the previous editions of Art Basel Miami Beach, he organized the event Art Techos, which convenes distinguished artists with the aim of raising funds for the construction of homes in poverty-stricken sectors in Latin America.

In 2012, he inaugurated the first edition of Perú Arte Contemporáneo (PArC), the first contemporary art fair in Lima. It constituted a turning point for Peru, linking its art to the art of other continents, and also creating an extremely interesting space for reflection on key issues related to the production and circulation of present-day art. The fair also supports artistic exchange through an outstanding artist residencies program.

Costa Peuser's work as a promoter and disseminator has been one of the factors leading to the growing attention of Latin American art in the second millennium, in which the gazes of the world have transcended the confinement of borders.