Pinta Project

Multiply and Divide 

Curated by Jesus Fuenmayor 

The concept of the artist’s edition has undergone major changes at the hands of artists and the art market. Many contemporary artists appeal to the use of mass reproduction media, but at the same time they incorporate, paradoxically, the idea of uniqueness in the reproducible object destabilizing the status of the work of art. The intention with this selection of artists is to explore this displacements and its importance in the contemporary imaginary. This section of Pinta includes the related works of Carlos Cruz-Diez, Fernando Bryce, Waltercio Caldas, Bartolomé Ferrando, Claudio Perna, Diego Barboza y Luis Villamizar.  Cruz-Diez presents one of his Cromointerferencias, a digital animation that is made with special software and is projected into the space, intersecting with objects and people. Bryce will present an installation composed of 30 panels of images of concrete art in magazines from the mid-twentieth century and is a good example of Bryce’s “mimetic analysis” methodology. Caldas, one of the most important contemporary Brazilian artists, has produced since the beginning of his career a series of editions and multiples that are a reference for present art practices. Perna, Barboza, and Villamizar, are three pioneers of Venezuelan post-conceptualist art and each will be present with a series of photo-based works. Ferrando is a well-known poet and performance artist from Spain, who has worked with the written and spoken word.