Invited Artists

PINTA 2019 will feature a Virtual Reality installation by the argentinian artist Julio Le Parc. This work was made by Julio together with his son Juan Le Parc for an exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris this year. This installation is entitled “7 alchimies en réalité virtuelle” and will be presented in our next edition of 2019. Commissioner of the installation: Alejandro Martin (Spain, 1974). Video and interview directed by Luca Benites and María Isabel Martínez in their studio in Paris, 2019.




Alejandro Martín (Spain, 1966)
Contemporary Art curator, art collector, artist, business executive and philanthropist. He is working with Espronceda, Institute of Art and Culture since 2015 as curator, head of Innovation and European Projects, and strategic advisor for international development and cooperation with major Art Institutions and Universities.
Previously he was curating international exhibitions, managing a contemporary art gallery and working as business executive in international enterprises. Alejandro believes strongly in the transformative power of Art and Humanism on the technological development, knowledge creation and social wellbeing. Alejandro has a Degree in Chemical Engineering and a Degree in Fine Arts, also a Master’s degree in Artistic Research and Production, and now coursing a Master’s Degree in Cultural Management.