Per Aspera

Risa Puno

In Pinta Projects, Ysabel Pinyol curates Per Aspera in the newly added Sculpture Garden. In a world increasingly defined by inequality and changing social and economic climates, who wins and who loses? Is privilege a game of skill or chance? Per Aspera presents the work of artists Risa Puno, Pedro Tyler, and REO to further interrogate these questions. Puno's and Tyler’s installations ask their viewers to interact and engage, while REO’s video work provides a meditative space for reflection. The space will be encompassed in LUX, an overhead installation of knitted light, immersing visitors in a responsive glow of photo-luminescence by architectural designer, Jenny Sabin. 






Ysabel Pinyol studied architecture in Barcelona and Chicago before opening her gallery in Barcelona, working with a group of international artists. Later, she relocated to New York City, where she currently lives and works. In 2010 Ysabel joined Mana Contemporary as a Chief Curator. In 2014 Pinyol co-founded Mana Residencies in Jersey City and Chicago, a yearly residency program for mid-career artists. She is currently developing a cultural exchange program in Miami, featuring a residency program for Latin American artists.

She continues to create new exhibitions and special projects for Mana Common.