Mario Gioia (São Paulo, 1974)
(Phto Leka Mendes) 

Independent Curator, graduated by ECA-USP (School of Communications and Arts of the University of São Paulo). He has been a member of the group of critics of the Paço das Artes since 2011, an institution in which he has been critical follower of Red Light (2015) by Fabio Flaks, Black Market (2012) by Paulo Almeida, and A Riscar (2011) by Daniela Seixas . He was a guest critic from 2013 to 2015 of the CCSP Exhibition Program (Centro Cultural São Paulo) and made part of the critics group of the 2012 Photography Program in the same institution. In 2015, at CCSP, curated Ter being, collective with 12 artists on the relations between architecture and visual arts. He has curated exhibitions in cities such as Brasilia (Decifrações, Espaço Ecco, 2014), Porto Alegre (South, Landscapes, Bolsa de Arte, 2013), Salvador (Fragments of a pictorial speech, Roberto Alban Gallery, 2017) and Rio (Arcadia, CGaleria, 2016), among others. In 2016, her curatorship for the Topofilias show, at the Margs (Rio Grande do Sul Art Museum) in Porto Alegre, was awarded the 10th Açorianos Design Award. He is a contributor to arts journals such as Select and was a reporter and editor of visual arts and architecture at Folha de S.Paulo from 2005 to 2009. From 2011 to 2016, he coordinated the Zip'Up project at Zipper Galeria, aimed at the exhibition of new artists and projects. At the ArtLima 2017 (Peru) fair, he signed the curacy of the special section CAP Brasil, entitled South-South, and made the critical text of Forged Territories (Sketch Gallery, 2016) in Bogotá, Colombia.