Special Project

Brazil is a country with over 300 different indigenous groups and Marjorie has been working directly with some ethnicities during this critical time.

For PINTA MIAMI 2019, curated by Valeria Montag and Luciana Bueno, the artist will praise the warrior spirit of indigenous people.

“The strength of the ashes of the ancestors will be stronger than the ashes of the current government”

The art installation is motivated by the massive fires at Brazil’s indigenous lands and protected areas this year.




Marjorie Yamaguti (Brazil, 1990)


Marjorie’s work has been exhibited across Brazil, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea and Thailand.

Her work explore the relationships of emotions evoked by materials and non-material culture in a space.


“discovering, recognising and tracing what we can see and understanding the underlying, unspoken and implicit that we can’t see”


Due to scale, Marjorie develops a constantly research about organic materials and ancient techniques with traditional communities.